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Innovative Practice

  • Urban Public Safety
  • Safety of Large-scale Activities
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Urban Public Safety

To make cities safer and smarter, YITU proposes an urban public safety solution that involves multiple scenarios after analyzing practical problems related to public safety. The solution capitalizes on YITU's outstanding capabilities to operate and manage cities of hundreds of millions of residents in a smart way. The value of data is cashed in various scenarios, such as building a safe city, facilitating urban life, and boosting commerce. The YITU smart security system has been installed in commercial buildings of all kinds.

Best practice
  • Shaping the best cities in the world
    YITU has been dedicated to key urban safety projects, and as a leading player, YITU has contributed substantially to refining urban management and in helping build the best cities in the world. Building on proprietary AI technologies and the team’s extensive experience, our strategic presence has been expanded across the globe.
Practical value
  • Refining the management of megacities
  • Bringing awareness to city-wide population trends
  • Upgrading the value of urban safety measures

Safety of Large-scale Activities

Security is a huge challenge in high-density public places such as large-scale exhibitions and concerts, as the site is huge, with lots of entrances and exits, complicated visitor mix, and frequent people flow. YITU's AI system can operate stably and reliably even under extremely complex conditions, and its advanced precise identification and data intelligence can safeguard even ultra-large-scale activities.

Best practice
  • Safeguarding national events
    Thanks to world-leading algorithms, YITU's AI system has proven track records in guaranteeing the on-site security of ultra-large-scale activities including Shanghai Import and Export Expo, the BRICS Summit, Wuzhen World Internet Conference, Boao Forum for Asia, G20 Summit, and many others. Reputed as “an invisible shield”, YITU has showcased to global audiences China's excellent capabilities of “AI+Security”.
Practical value
  • Fast building of security system and provision of full technical support
  • Fewer security resources needed and efficient precise filtration

YITU Face Platform

Building on proprietary world-leading ultra-high-accuracy face identification algorithms, the YITU Face Platform offers a face identification solution that supports urban security management. The platform can be tailored to the user's unique business procedures to address security challenges such as various ethnic groups, complex environments and extensive datasets.


YITU Big Data Face Platform

The YITU Big Data Face Platform builds on world-leading face identification algorithms and smart and precise data analysis engine. Working with mega cities, the platform can connect, integrate and analyze multi-dimensional information through AI and data intelligence engines, providing macro dynamic trends for urban populations.

Application Scenarios

Technology builds a well-functioning urban security system

Industry Applications

Provision of total urban security solution powered by AI

YITU Technology partners with Certis in Internet of Things (IoT) facilities management (iFM) solution

YITU Technology has partnered with security group Certis as part of Certis’ IoT facilities management solution. With YITU’s facial recognition technology, facility owners can anticipate and prevent security breaches, enhancing the effectiveness of security systems.


Auxiliary Force Sdn. Bhd adopts YITU’s facial recognition technology to combat growing security threats

Auxiliary Force Sdn. Bhd. (AFSB), a member of Royal Malaysia Police Cooperative Bhd., is working with YITU Technology (YITU) to transform and augment Malaysia’s public safety and law enforcement efforts. AFSB is the first security force in the country to integrate body-worn cameras with cutting-edge facial recognition technology.


YITU safeguards ultra-large-scale events

Thanks to the capability of its world-leading algorithm, YITU provides technical services for numerous international and national conferences and activities. YITU AI systems delivered stable and remarkable performance for the safety of ultra-large conferences and events such as the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, BRICS Summit, World Internet Conference in WuZhen, Boao Forum for Asia, G20 Summit, winning itself the title of "The Invisible Shield" .


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